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UNBOXING = Out of the BOX breakout marketing strategies (We encourage our clients to color outside of the lines!)


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Social Media Campaign Management

Being a business owner, you must have understood by now, how companies utilize social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to create a face for their company’s offerings. Social Media is changing the way that the world distributes and receives information.

The impact of social media transcends almost every aspect of our daily lives—work, politics, breaking news, and more.

Media Buying

While our roots run deep in media planning and buying for clients, our approach remains constant; working with clients to identify the best media outlets, mediums and creative campaigns to deliver an ROI for their business.

Outreach and Engagement

We understand that getting results means meeting audiences on their terms, not ours. Media Culture understands that effective outreach and engagement goes beyond simply creating fliers and knocking on doors; it begins in the research and engagement stage by building a deep understanding of the intended audience. Once a program is up and running, we use ongoing evaluation to continuously refine how we engage and reach diverse audiences. Our profound experience in the marketing industry and our connection to community needs are some of the major reasons why our services is the most sought after.


Your brand is your promise to your customers, it tells them what they should expect from offerings, and at the same time it differentiates your offerings from your customers. The soul of your brand is the logo; your website, the product packaging, or the employee uniforms are all things, which bear your logo, and it communicates your brand. At Media Culture, our team puts maximum effort into designing your brands and logos. Build your brand. Drive demand.



“We have had the privilege of partnering with Naja and Indego Bike Share to cross promote our services to meet the transportation needs of both bike share and car share members in Philadelphia. Naja’s marketing insight and experience has contributed to a successful partnership!”

Karen Paci – Enterprise CarShare​​

“Naja is a natural-born talent with big, creative ideas and a big personality. Naja, who is built to win will take risks – strategic risks – for the betterment of brands connecting with their ideal consumers to move the needle in a positive way. Then, playing and overseeing all positions on the field, Naja will roll up her sleeves to execute until the desired outcome is attained/exceeded. You’ll learn from and with Naja while having a blast during the process.”

Tonya Murphy
Sales Executive| Pandora

“Naja Killebrew was a joy to work with on the Indego Bike Share Project. She quickly got up to speed and presented us with a suite of high-impact options to market the program. We would absolutely work with Ms. Killebrew in the future to develop a robust, affordable media program for our urban market. “

Aaron Ritz | City of Philadelphia, Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems

“Having worked with together on a highly visible campaign with a lot of moving parts and big interest groups and governments involved Naja was a pleasant force thru the whole process. She was excellent at protecting the brand and also pushing it to new levels and new markets. The ability to communicate to mass markets and also to the internal team is a rare gift.”

Nic Justice
Owner, Watch Me Rise Films

Working with Naja is fantastic! She’s creative, professional, driven and results oriented. She’s great.

Tracie Coleman-Durham | Account Manager Fox 29

Naja Killebrew is a force of nature, full of life and sparkle. She came into Indego with no previous knowledge of bike share, and led the complicated implementation of putting Indego into mass media in Philadelphia, and always was able to get more bang for the buck than anyone expected. She was a team player whose energy in our space was palpable. She will bring a different and fresh perspective to whatever you want to do.

Alison Cohen, President and CEO, Bicycle Transit Systems

Having worked with Naja on broadcast commercial spots I can say she is very hands on throughout the creative process. She shows a measured, decisive nature in making choices that maximize both the artistic and substantive aspects of a production.

Kevin Krutz
Executive Producer at Design In Media

“Naja brings a deep knowledge of the community to her media work and combines it with creativity, insight and humor. She is, always, a pleasure to work with.”

Zoe Kircos
Director of Grants and Partnerships | PeopleForBikes

“Its always a pleasure working with Naja Killebrew. Ms Killebrew has been a great supporter of me and my company for years. I honor her loyalty and trust in our company to help serve her clients on a daily basis. She has been a great asset for getting us the jobs that we could not obtain ourselves. And for that we will work the 25th hour for Ms Killebrew and her clients.”

Charles A Preston
Owner, Chase Design & Print

“Naja Killebrew is one of the most talented leaders I’ve ever known. Her knowledge and expertise are unmatched- she is the best! Naja changed an industries perception on how to market and engage the communities we serve nationally. We could not have done this without Naja! I highly recommend her if you want to take your efforts to new heights- her imagination is endless and her execution is exemplary!”

Carniesha Kwashie, Better Bike Share Partnership, Program Executive

“Naja has the ability to turn a small idea into a magnificent one, bringing your dreams into reality. She’s driven, purposeful, and very creative. Every team needs a Naja!!”

Kiera Smalls, Community Relations Manager, Indego Bicycle Transit Systems ​

“Naja has her finger on the pulse of Philly’s media market. She can cut a deal like no one else, and will get you the biggest bang for your buck. She’s been amazing to work with and brings an extra layer of enthusiasm and sparkle to any contract negotiation, meeting, or media buy. Hire her!”

Claudia Setubal Access Manager, Indego Bicycle Transit Systems ​

“Naja has an incredible way of interacting with everyone and brightening a room. She has always been able to communicate thoughtfully, respectfully and effectively with every one of our diverse staff as well as all of the clients, vendors and professional partners we have worked with during her time working with our organization. A+ would recommend to a friend. “

Jake Siemiarowski Head Mechanic, Indego Bicycle Transit Systems

“Naja is a strategic, efficient and sharp – in other words, she just get’s it. If you want results, Naja will deliver!”

Gabe Leibowitz, Senior Account Executive, Intersection ​